Building Effective Programs - Resources from the Oregon Deafblind Project

Building Effective Programs - Resources from the Oregon Deafblind Project

Posted on December 5, 2016

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Each month, Lyn Ayer, Director of the Oregon Deafblind Project (ODB), publishes a newsletter filled with interesting articles that help change the way we look at human development and education, with a special focus on students with disabilities. In the past, the TRI website has featured one article from the ODB Newsletter that jumped out as most fascinating.

This month, it was difficult to select just one article, so we thought we'd share the entire newsletter with you.


From the ODB Newsletter introduction:

The main article in this issue is on assessment. Assessment is not just for an educational team to do — it is for all of a child’s “team” - parents and family members should definitely be involved in this process. It helps establish a good strong program for a child—beginning with an IEP that has appropriate and useful goals/objectives... but should be a continuous process.

OHOA Module 11(Open Hands - Open Access) is one that I recently looked over and found that it contains some very basic guidelines for working with children who are deafblind (and others as well). It is what most of our series trainings start out with — or include.

The last part of this newsletter is our Facebook Share area — and also a brief overview of the Emergency Preparedness information from our 2016 Parent Weekend. 

Take care. 


Click here to download the ODB November Newsletter. 

Click here for more information about the Oregon Deafblind Project.


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