Lauren Peterson and Nate Winegardner Present at Southern Oregon OAEYC Winter Conference

Lauren Peterson and Nate Winegardner Present at Southern Oregon OAEYC Winter Conference

Posted on March 7, 2017

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On February 25, 2017, Lauren Peterson and Nate Winegardner from the Center on Early Learning presented at the Southern Oregon Chapter of the Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children (SOC-OAEYC)'s Winter Conference, "Together for Children."

The Winter Conference is an exciting annual event which provides a training opportunities for early childhood professionals in both English and Spanish as well as a full-day track for parents.

Lauren and Nate agreed to share a little about their experiences:


Both sessions I presented focused on Program Management. The first session, "Program Evaluation for Purposeful Planning," examined both the "why" and the "how" of conducting program evaluation and the relationship between evaluation and planning for on-going growth and improvement. The second session, "Philosophy in Action," explored the relationship between a program's philosophy and its practices, asking the question, "Can our program philosophy be seen in our actions?"

In both sessions I was impressed by the insights of the participants and their willingness to ask themselves some challenging questions about their program practices. While I provided information and resources, the participants put forth a great effort in reflecting, collaborating and planning their next steps. It was exciting to be a part of that process, witness their "a-ha" moments and share their passion for their work with children and families.


I presented twice at the Winter Conference, once in Spanish and once in English. The presentation was on called "Circle of Security: A Brief Introduction," and focused on the Circle of Security parenting curriculum and class.

In the morning on Saturday I presented to Spanish-speaking providers. Sixteen providers signed up, but we ended up having over thirty in the room. Participation was great and it was exciting to see that kind of turnout. Later, in the afternoon, I gave the same presentation in English to about eleven people. These were some of the better participatory groups I've had doing this presentation, and I enjoyed hearing their perspectives and insights. I'm eager to go back next year.


Thank you Lauren and Nate. It is great to have your excellent training at our local chapter conferences.

Posted Mar 9, 2017 by Merrily Haas

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