Center for Health and Human Services

About CHHS

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The Research Institute (TRI) launched the Center for Health and Human Services (CHHS) on July 1, 2015 to more formally support the work we are currently doing on existing projects, and to help broaden awareness of the expertise and experience we have among our staff in the area of Public Health and Human Services. The Center for Health and Humans Services works with community partners to strengthen public health and human services.  CHHS is committed to helping programs create community conditions that help reduce health disparities so all people have an equal chance for a long and healthy life. 

CHHS strives to achieve its mission through:

1.  Providing consultation services for the development of public health and human services programs.

2.  Research, development and implementation of effective practices in public health and human services.

3.  Working collaboratively with local, state and national public health and human services organizations.

The CHHS Team

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The Center for Health and Human Services team represents a vast array of experience in such topics as childhood obesity, behavioral problems, substance use and abuse, physical activity, nutrition, chronic and infectious disease, tobacco use, public health policy, and health care systems.

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