ODE District Payments for Completed PSO Interviews

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ODE District Payments for Completed PSO Interviews

Exciting News 2018: ODE will be giving every district a base amount of $150 and then an additional $15 for each completed interview for 2018.

In order for the district to be paid $15.00 per completed post school interview, the following criteria must be met:

  • A complete interview with a student on the interview list of students must be done
  • The information must be entered for the completed interview into the PSO application on time 
  • Only districts finalizing their follow up collection as complete by the end of September will be reimbursed.

District allocation of these funds must be utilized in ways that increase post school outcomes for students. Recommendations from ODE include using the funds to pay teachers to make the calls outside of their contracted time, such as nights or weekends and in the summer to improve response rates. Examples of how money has been spent in the past are: paying staff to make the calls in the summer, sending staff to the Oregon Statewide Transition Conference and going to trainings for PSO professional development.

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