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Browsing General Forums

Finding information in Forums is easy.  You can browse any public forum simply by clicking on the Forums tab in the main navigation bar. This will give you a list of all public forums; private forums will not appear here.

To search for specific content in public forums, use the search field in the top right hand corner. Type in search words and a pull down menu will appear with a list of related forum posts.

Forums that are a part of public groups can be viewed by users of the site, but to comment in a forum a user has to be a member of the group that houses the forum thread and logged into the site.  The message below will appear in the forum letting you know that you are not logged into the site.

Browsing Group Forums

Once you have created a profile and logged in, you can keep up to date with new forum threads within the groups you are a part of. You can view group forum threads by going to the desired group and selecting the "Group Forums" tab on the left menu bar. This will display a list of all forum threads within the group. You can also search this groups' forums by using the search bar above the list of forum threads. Simply type in key words and a list of related forums threads will appear in the drop down menu.

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