Sybille Guy: TRI Member Profile

Center Director, Center on Evaluation, Technology & Research (CETR)

Dr. Sybille Guy is the Director of the Center on Evaluation, Technology & Research (CETR) at TRI. She earned her Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis on statistics and methodology from UCLA. Sybille received her Master's in Organizational Psychology from California State University at Los Angeles. Sybille’s primary expertise is in statistics and evaluation, and she has worked in the field for over 20 years. In addition to her quantitative research background, she has experience with qualitative analysis and hybrid studies.

Sybille joined us from Washington State University at Vancouver (WSUV) where she worked as Special Projects Faculty in the office of Academic Affairs. Prior to WSUV, she has spent over a decade as a market researcher, working for both large and small market research companies. Sybille served as Vice President of Research & Analytics at Equation Research, Director of Media and Public Relations Research at Harris Interactive, and Director of Research at Plog Research.

Sybille started at TRI in 2013 as Lead Evaluation Specialist. Besides her work as the director of CREA, she has worked on QRIS, Project EF, and the WVCH Transformation project as well as aided in grant writing activities, survey development, and analyses for a number of other projects.

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