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Communication Matrix Community

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TRI’s Center on Deaf-Blindness is supporting the work of Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) in an online community of practice around Dr. Charity Rowland’s Communication Matrix - tools for children with complex communication needs.

The Communication Matrix is an easy to use assessment instrument designed for individuals of all ages who function at the earliest stages of communication and who use any form of communication.

Communication Matrix ImageTo support the use of this tool, TRI's Dr. Amy Parker has joined a small group of researchers, speech-language pathologists, and educational experts who are passionate about creating an engaging and supportive community to improve outcomes for individuals with complex communication needs.

From the Communication Matrix Community website: "Those of us who use the Communication Matrix may feel isolated because we are trying to address the unique needs of people who experience rare conditions that cause severe communication disorders. As teachers, therapists, family members and students, we need to share our insights and experiences to improve the ability of people with complex communication needs to participate fully in society."

TRI/CDB is proud to support the creation of a home for information, questions, discussions, experiences, assistance and examples to help make the leap from assessment (using the Communication Matrix) to excellent teaching and learning to support individuals with severe communication disorders. 

Learn how to join the Communication Matrix Community.

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