Re-Certification FAQ's

Re-Certification FAQ's

What if I don’t have my 30 hours of teaching or my certification has expired?

If an instructor is lacking documentation of 30 hours of classroom, behind-the-wheel or simulator instruction in the past two years or certification has lapsed for more than a period of 1 year, a Western Oregon University (WOU) Trainer of Trainers (ToT) will evaluate teaching competency.  An instructor is required to contact WOU to request an evaluation.

WOU will determine how, when and where the instructor's evaluation will take place. When possible, this evaluation will be within 60 miles of the individual's location. In some cases, WOU may encourage the instructor to travel to a location more accessible to the ToT, or may need to schedule the evaluation around other training opportunities to make the best use of resources.

For a candidate who teaches both classroom and behind-the-wheel, both modalities may be evaluated.  A classroom lesson must be from an approved curriculum. An in-car lesson must be on an approved drive route.  An instructor may be required to provide his or her own student(s) and/or vehicle.

Either of the following methods may be used to evaluate instructor teaching competency:

  • Observe the instructor during a lesson. Preferably, the instructor will teach teens, but at the discretion of the ToT the instructor may "teach" adults for the purpose of this evaluation.

  • The ToT may approve the instructor through means other than teaching observation.

The ToT will turn in evaluation forms to WOU and recommend that the instructor meets teaching competency or needs further training.  

For certifications that have lapsed more than 2 years, the instructor will be required to attend WOU’s Traffic Safety Education instructor training course phase 1 - Foundations of Traffic Safety Education prior to a ToT evaluation.

For certifications that have lapsed more than 5 years, the instructor may be required to retake the WOU Traffic Safety Education course in its entirety.  

To request an evaluation, contact us at

What if I no longer meet the qualifications required for the certification?

An instructor certification may be revoked if the instructor no longer meets the qualifications specified in Oregon Administrative Rules. If WOU becomes aware that an instructor no longer meets the driving record requirements, the Driver Education Program at Oregon Department of Transportation - Transportation Safety Division (ODOT-TSD) will immediately be notified. The following process will be followed at that time:

  • ODOT-TSD will send a letter to the instructor, notifying them that they are no longer approved to teach Driver Education.
  • WOU will notify the affected employer(s) to let them know that the instructor is no longer qualified to teach.  
  • An individual may need to re-apply for recertification when their violation(s) have expired and are subject to WOU’s lapsed certification procedures.