Starting Your Own Driving School

Starting Your Own Driving School

Interested in starting your own ODOT-approved driving school, but not sure where to start?

There are two divisions of ODOT that play a role in certifying or approving independent schools offering driver education.

1. ODOT/DMV - This division certifies commercial driver training schools. This is for the business side of being a driving school. For more information, go to:

(Contact: DMV Business Regulations @ 503-945-5052)

2. ODOT/Transportation Safety Division - This division approves private schools for teaching novice drivers (15-17 years) for driver education. ODOT-TSD coordinates oversight of the approved providers and their programs, in addition to enforcing the statues governing those schools that teach the Oregon approved driver education program. ODOT-TSD Driver Education's website is:

(Contact: William Warner, Driver Education Program Manager @ 503-986-4413)

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