Terms of Use

Terms of Use

In our group area, please keep posts respectful, on-topic, and helpful.

The Research Institute (TRI) at Western Oregon University welcomes you to our new site. Group workspaces and collaborative tools offer opportunities to bring together the collective knowledge, wisdom, practice, and research relevant to the mission of TRI. Help us make this a safe place where diversity of thought and opinion are welcomed. Adding your voice and contributions to the dialogue makes our community stronger.

In order to ensure the best possible experience for all members, we have established some basic guidelines for participation. Please take some time to carefully read and understand the rules. Questions can be directed to members of our staff using the Contact Us link on the site.

The Rules:

  1. Posts should be relevant to the community at large. The postings you and others make are publicly viewable, but require a profile and sign-in to join the discussion.
  2. We do not allow personal attacks, either individual or aimed at an organization. Discussions and comments are meant to stimulate conversation.
  3. Offensive language will not be tolerated.
  4. Materials that are defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, obscene, offensive, or illegal are strictly prohibited.
  5. Selling products or messages of a commercial nature are not permitted.
  6. Do not post personally identifying information. This includes names, telephone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses. Please be conscious of privacy issues related to children in an educational setting.
  7. Do not post materials that infringe on the copyright of another person or copyright material not referenced or acknowledged. All resources are subject to review by TRI staff.
  8. Posting spam will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the forums.


  • Posts or other material deemed inappropriate by the site administrators or appropriate team managers will be deleted upon discovery.
  • Users who violate the Terms of Use may lose their account permanently.
  • Account suspensions are at the sole discretion of TRI.
  • Any person actively using the site is implicitly agreeing to these rules regardless of whether they have been read or not.

While our rules cover the majority of incidents that may occur, we cannot anticipate all circumstances, and as such; the administrators and community team members reserve the right to take ANY actions we deem appropriate, in any circumstances. This is to ensure that the forum is not disrupted or brought into disrepute, either willfully, or by association with a member. An administrator's decision in any matter referred to him/her is final.

TRI team members will help ensure that content and messages comply with the vision and goals of the TRI website, including forums, wikis, and interactive areas. You agree, through your use of the forums and interactive spaces on TRI's website, to abide by these rules.

Non-compliance will result in forfeiture of your privilege to access the forums and entire web site, and may result in a permanent ban.

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