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Stronger Together: Elevating Oregon's Early Learning and After-school Profession through Strong System Alignment and Partnering

Presenter(s) Cori Brownell, (Center on Early Learning (CEL); Pamela Deardorff, Oregon Center for Career Development (OCCD-PSU); and Roni Pham, Oregon Early Learning Division (ELD)
Date September 7, 2016
Presented at Elevating Our Profession: National Workforce Registry Alliance 2016 Annual Conference
Citation Brownell, C., Deardorff, P., & Pham, R. (2016). Stronger together: elevating Oregon's early learning and after-school profession through strong system alignment and partnering. Denver, CO.


Participants had an opportunity to learn the history of Oregon's Profession Development Registry, including how it has served as a core component of Oregon's Office of Child Care (OCC) licensing and Oregon's Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) system implementation. They explored how alignment efforts have both strained and strengthened the early learning system in Oregon. We discussed how Oregon's early learning system has been enhanced through true collaboration, partnership and cross-sector engagement.

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