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Teacher Work Sample Methodology at Western Oregon University

Author(s) H. Del Schalock & Mark Schalock
Date November 30, 2011
Published in Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield
Citation Schalock, H. D. and Schalock, M. D. (2011). Teacher Work Sample Methodology at Western Oregon University. In H. Rosselli, M. Brodsky, & Girod, M (Eds.) Connecting Teaching and Learning: History, Evolution and Case Studies of Teacher Work Sample Methodology. (pp. 1-24). Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.


This chapter provides a brief summary of the forty year history of work at WOU surrounding teacher work sample methodology. This history is unique in many ways, with its genesis in a research and development agenda, a longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship between a “soft-money” organization (the Teaching Research Institute [TRI]) and a teacher preparation program, a university president willing to provide financial backing to a fledgling effort to connect teaching and learning, and one individual who relentlessly pursued an agenda to connect teacher work to K-12 student learning. This chapter will trace the precursors of TWSM at WOU, the research and policy initiatives that resulted in Oregon adopting TWSM as part of an “outcomes-based” approach to teacher preparation in 1986, early implementation and research efforts around TWSM, and finally the intensive development and refinement efforts of the last half of the 1990’s that set the foundation for TWSM being adopted around the country and further refined to where it is today.

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