21st CCLC Conferences

Improving the outcomes of students in Oregon's 21st CCLC programs

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It’s year 5 of Oregon’s 21st CCLC grant cycle. Program sustainability is being tested, there are ODE leadership and program staffing changes, and it’s time to begin planning for and writing a new RFP.  Day in and day out our students and families are counting on our programs. They’re counting on you. If ever there was a time for Real Talk for Real Action, it is now!

This conference was an opportunity to reconnect with program teams, network with other 21st CCLC professionals from around the state, and get both inspiration and relevant professional learning from a variety of presenters as well as peers.

Youth development professionals from 22 school districts across Oregon participated in this conference at Western Oregon University. The authentic conversations, engaging keynote speakers, and meaningful learning experiences  provided renewed enthusiasm for the important work you do and the profound impact you have on students and families in your communities. Bring on the Real Talk and the Real Action!

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