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Past Events

Y4Y Webinar: Data! What is it Good For? Absolutely EVERYTHING!

Jun 14, 2018  in Webinars This webinar will cover using a logic model to plan with the end in mind, describing the continuous improvement process, brainstorming strategies for using data to connect with present and potential partners, and using Y4Y tools and resources to tell your story through data.

Y4Y - Summer Learning Series - The Right Outcome: Ready for Summer

Apr 11, 2018  in Webinars

Y4Y - Summer Learning Series - The Right Mix: Intentional Activity Design

Feb 7, 2018  in Webinars

Afterschool Webinar: Building Workforce Skills in Afterschool

Jan 31, 2018  to Jan 31, 2018  in Webinars Afterschool and summer programs across the country are helping to close the gap between the skills and competencies students possess and the needs of employers. These programs are addressing these needs by teaching students to effectively communicate, work in teams, and solve problems; connecting students to professional development opportunities; and helping them explore and discover new interests.

Y4Y - School-Day Partnerships: It’s More Than Alignment, it’s Continuous Education!

Dec 7, 2017  in Webinars

Y4Y - Summer Learning Series - The Right Ingredients: Start With Student Needs

Dec 6, 2017  in Webinars

Understanding and Responding to Incidents of Bias

Jul 13, 2017  in Webinars National experts like the Anti-Defamation League and Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, have been working on issues of bias and hate for decades. In this webinar, they'll share what they've learned and their resources for educators. We'll also hear from the YMCA on new local and national initiatives to ensure a climate of safety and inclusion. Join us for a conversation about this very important topic! "Understanding and Responding to Incidents of Bias" will take place on Thursday, Jul 13 at 12:30 p.m. EDT. Register now!

Healthy AfterschoolWorks: Free Tools, Resources, and Strategies

Apr 26, 2017  to Apr 26, 2017  in Webinars Join experts from the National AfterSchool Association, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and Gwinnett County, Ga., to explore free resources and tools to engage students and families while helping you tell the story that Healthy #AfterschoolWorks. "Healthy #AfterschoolWorks: Free Tools, Resources, & Strategies" will take place on Wednesday, April 26 at 1 p.m. EDT. Register now!

Nuts & Bolts Webinar - Selecting the Right Evaluator for your 21st CCLC Program

This webinar alerts Project Directors to a renewed evaluation requirement with added benefit for program quality and its sustainability. Presented by ODE. Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2017 Time: 11:00a.m. - 12:00p.m.

Nuts & Bolts: You Can Make a Difference in Oregon's Graduation Rate!

21st CCLC ODE Nuts & Bolts November 2016 Webinar

Nov 2, 2016  to Nov 2, 2016  in Webinars

Afterschool Webinar: Measuring the Impact of STEM Learning in Afterschool

Nov 2, 2016  to Nov 2, 2016  in Webinars About this webinar: How can we understand and measure the true impact of afterschool STEM experiences? What role do such programs play in the larger STEM learning ecosystem to strengthen young people’s learning and development outcomes in STEM? In this webinar we will hear about three innovative efforts —Connected Learning, Activated Learner, and Longitudinal— that are studying how learning, including STEM learning, develops across time and space, and how afterschool programs contribute to that process.

Is JV InvenTeams Right for You?

Oct 20, 2016  to Oct 20, 2016  in Webinars Learn about the Lemelson-MIT JV InvenTeam initiative and how your site can become a grantee at a pre-conference webinar and at the 21st CCLC Fall Conference.

Afterschool Webinar: Use New Digital Tools from ARTHUR to Help Promote Prosocial Skills and Reduce Bullying

Sep 28, 2016  to Sep 28, 2016  in Webinars For 20 seasons, the characters from the award-winning PBS series ARTHUR, have helped prepare children for success in life by modeling prosocial behaviors and emphasizing the importance of communication as they navigate the challenges of childhood with empathy, responsibility, and respect for self and others. Members of WGBH-- Boston’s public broadcaster and the producers of the award-winning ARTHUR series--will introduce you to the Arthur Interactive Media (AIM) Buddy Project--a new initiative aimed at helping young children build their social, emotional, and character skills and attitudes. AIM Buddy Project leverages the power of Arthur, interactive comics and games, and a cross-age buddy framework to encourage children to explore and talk about five topics that help lay the foundation for character development: empathy, honesty, forgiveness, collaborative learning.

Afterschool Webinar: Level the Field in Computer Science with Girls Who Code

Sep 20, 2016  to Sep 20, 2016  in Webinars Coding and computer science are hot topics in the education world—as necessary skills for the 21st century, as opportunities to access a growing job market, and as relevant hooks to engage today’s youth. Curious to know how afterschool programs can get involved? Join this webinar to hear from Girls Who Code, an organization that has been working to close the gender gap in the technology through their immersive summer program for high school girls and a rapidly-expanding afterschool initiative for 6th-12 graders. They will present their strategies for effective computing education, and share how you can get started by hosting a Girls Who Code Club. Speakers: Chrissy Ziccarelli, Deputy Director of Instruction, Girls Who Code Melissa Ballard, STEM Manager, Afterschool Alliance

Developing High-Quality STEM Experiences at Every Age

Sep 1, 2016  to Sep 1, 2016  in Webinars How do you create meaningful STEM experiences for students from elementary to middle to high school? How do you know what STEM topics and skills are developmentally appropriate? In this webinar, we’ll hear from two STEM education experts and from two afterschool practitioners, the California Tinkering Afterschool Network and a statewide professional development provider, on how they differentiate instruction and staff training across the K-12 grade span.

21st CCLC ODE August Update Webinar

Aug 22, 2016  to Aug 22, 2016  in Webinars In order to provide timely and consistent information and updates to all of Oregon's 21st CCLC programs, Pete Ready will present quarterly "21st CCLC ODE Update Webinars". In this first webinar, Monday, August 22nd from 9:00 - 10:00a.m, Pete will share information about the Associated Institutes for Research (AIR) work and opportunities associated with that work.

Start with SMART: Writing Effective Goals for Reports and Plans.

Jun 8, 2016  to Jun 8, 2016  in Webinars This 1-hour webinar on June 8th covered strategies to enhance program goals and strengthen continuous quality improvement by using the SMART goal process. The webinar included universal SMART goal guidance and specific examples: transforming ineffective goals into effective ones using the SMART process.

School Age Community Engagement Session

May 26, 2016  to May 26, 2016  in Webinars School Age providers are invited to share their ideas and solutions regarding revisions to Oregon's QRIS.

Encouraging Stronger Family Engagement

May 19, 2016  to May 19, 2016  in Webinars Explore strategies that build lasting relationships, overcome common challenges, and help staff set clear goals to integrate family support around academic learning and social-emotional development with colleagues nationwide. Live online discussion facilitated by Foundations for a Brighter Future.

Are You Ready to Assess Social and Emotional Development?

May 5, 2016  to May 5, 2016  in Webinars This is Part 2 of a webinar series on how programs can support social and emotional development.

Learn to Speak "STEM-ish:" Finishing the Reframed Story of Afterschool STEM

May 3, 2016  to May 3, 2016  in Webinars In part two of this interactive web series, participants will immerse themselves in the rest of the FrameWorks Institute’s evidence-based reframing strategies for talking effectively with the public about informal STEM learning.

Afterschool in Rural Communities: What You Need to Know

Apr 28, 2016  to Apr 28, 2016  in Webinars

Updates from ODE with Pete Ready

Apr 18, 2016  to Apr 18, 2016  in Webinars Join us for Continuous Quality Improvement Process updates for Oregon 21st CCLC and Nuts & Bolts news directly related to Years 4 and 5 program plans and budgets. It is highly recommended that all Program Directors plan to attend this webinar from 10:00 a.m. until noon on April 18th.

Creating Year-Round Opportunities for Literacy from Afterschool Alliance

Apr 13, 2016  to Apr 13, 2016  in Webinars Reading, writing and thinking critically are important skills students need to succeed but during the summer, students can lose approximately two months of reading achievement. Two programs featured in a newly released issue brief, Taking a Year-Round Approach to Literacy—one of which is the 2016 Dollar General Afterschool Literacy Award winner—will join us to talk about their work keeping their students engaged in literacy during the school year and into the summer months. Tune into this webinar to hear how these two programs approach the intentional integration of literacy in their programming, develop their students' literacy skills, and create meaningful connections to literacy among their students. Click here to register or cut and paste this link into your browser: http://afterschoolalliance.org/webinars.cfm?ID=3ABDEC7B-5056-A82E-7A3A939A768D6D76

March Peer to Peer Learning Conversation: Data Collection Best Practices

Mar 31, 2016  to Mar 31, 2016  in Webinars This online Peer-to-Peer Conversation will provide: Clarification about what, how, and when to collect 21st CCLC data How your 21st CCLC colleagues are collecting and using data to enhance their programming Insights and opportunities to ask questions from Pete Ready Please join this webinar via Adobe Connect and conference call. Adobe Connect info: http://connectpro12369216.adobeconnect.com/r7m2en04jsn/ Conference Call Phone Number: 866-629-8834; Conference Code: 3095471709

Afterschool Webinar: The Every Student Succeeds Act, Title IV: Opportunities for Community-School Partnerships

Mar 29, 2016  to Mar 29, 2016  in Webinars This webinar will focus on Title IV of ESSA and opportunities for community-school partnerships, especially in the following funds and programs: the Student Success and Academic Enrichment block grant, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Full Service Community Schools, Promise Neighborhoods, and Statewide Family Engagement Centers. Click here to register

Afterschool Webinar: Creating the Conditions for Social and Emotional Learning

Feb 3, 2016  to Feb 3, 2016  in Webinars Deb Moroney and Jaime Singer from American Institutes for Research (AIR) will join us to talk about their resources that support the application of best practices in social and emotional learning in afterschool. AIR is a leader in the field of nurturing social and emotional development through quality summer, afterschool, and expanded learning programs.

Webinar - Implementing Digital Learning in Afterschool Programming

Jan 12, 2016  to Jan 12, 2016  in Webinars

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