21st Century Community Learning Centers

Improving the outcomes of students in Oregon's 21st CCLC programs

Spotlight on Portland Public Schools
Directors: Dunya Minoo dminoo1@pps.net and Juniper Painton-Straub jpainton@pps.net

Four of Portland's 21st CCLC programs are proud to share information about their unique programming.

Ockley Green Middle School (6th-8th Grade)

The Ockley Green SUN program is currently offering before and after-school programming. We are fulfilling the needs of families requiring an early morning drop-off for students due to a later start time this school year. The SUN Breakfast Club is presently serving 23 students out of 30 possible slots with applications pending.

Our after-school program offers some unique classes this year such as Beginning Ukulele, Comic Book Drawing class, Circus Project, and Puzzles, Codes, & Games. We are offering four different dance classes: Hip Hop Dance, African Dance, Jazz Dance, & Tap Dance.

Some of our more traditional classes include: MESA, Chess for Success, and Ceramics. Girls, Inc NW and Brothers Reflecting Brothers (BRB) both focus on student leadership and social development. Our STEAM classes include AKA Science and Bits & Bytes coding class. We will be adding additional classes to our Winter schedule such as Year Book Club, Lego Robotics,and a Baking Club.

Vernon Schools (K-8th Grade)

Students dissecting a fish

We decided to get more active at Vernon this year. We asked the students and parents last year what they wanted more of and they replied with more “hands-on” activities.

This year we decided to outdo ourselves with STEAM and to restructure our homework time. On Mondays (only) homework is according to grade level and the enrichment class that follows is a hands on STEAM class activity. All other days the homework clubs are mixed (with about 22-25 students) and have 3 qualified instructors.

Vernon Girls on the Run

All students are engaged. Students are either working on their own homework, reading or buddied with a younger student helping them with their reading or math. This has taken away the “I don’t have anything to do, I’m all done, or I’m bored” responses we used to get from students.

We also provided math and reading curriculum appropriate for every grade level in the case that a student needs something else to work on.

Students and teacher playing marimba

We have continued our partnership with Saturday Academy, AKA Science, Ethos and Concordia University for the STEAM additions to our program. Made new partnerships with the Northwest Children’s Theater and continued to utilize the staff we have here at Vernon to provide the rest like our garden club, kitchen chemistry, lego robotics, bucket drumming, battle of the books, dance and music.

Whitman SUN School grades k-5

Whitman students

Whitman SUN formed a new partnership with the Pacific Youth Choir. The Pacific Youth Choir is widely acclaimed as one of the finest choral programs on the West Coast. The Choir is in its 12th season and since the beginning has wanted to find a way to reach students that may not be able to pay the fee and have transportation to downtown Portland. Whitman was chosen as their first ever school partnership, full scholarship site! Twenty-five students have enjoyed the program, which has brought in a pianist to practices, over a dozen high school singers and mentors, along with a great conductor to Whitman.

Whitman Choir performed at the SUN Family event on October 27th, and will perform again with other groups at the Trinity Episcopal Church on October 30th, which is a benefit for our Whitman Choir! The organizers of the Pacific Youth Choir understand the barriers for many students in the Whitman Choir and have provided choir polos for students, buses for transportation to performances off site, and dinner for the Whitman families the night of the performance.

Woodmere SUN Community School

  • Photography Class, taught by a parent
  • Lego Robotics Team, lead by a youth volunteer leader
  • Leadership and Community Service, lead by a parent, work in backpack food program
  • Garden and Nutrition- lead by a parent
  • Tomorrow’s Journey- a curriculum to learn about African and African American women and girls in history and to build self-esteem
  • And many more!

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