How do we get started?

Improving the outcomes of students in Oregon's 21st CCLC programs

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How do we get started?

In this section, you will find research and resources to help you develop and implement a CTE component within your 21stCCLC program.

  1. Determine the current state of CTE in your school district. 
    • Does the district currently have a CTE program in place at any school sites?
    • Are instructors available that have pre-service and/or in-service training and professional development in teaching career education?
    • Determine if there is a structure in place for 21st CCLC staff and school day teachers involved in CTE subjects to meet and communicate about students and link school day programming to after-school activities.
    • Make connections with local businesses and industries to determine their employment needs and potential for partnership.
  2. Are there CTE oriented student organizations currently at the school?
    • Are there opportunities in collaboration with local businesses to expose students to careers?
    • Are businesses willing to provide CTE activities, apprenticeships, or on-the-job training?
    • Will local business partners provide resources and work in partnership in planning and implementing CTE?

  3. ODE Application for a Start-Up Program of Study  (required for all new CTE programs of study in Oregon).
  4. The National Career Clusters framework can provide a structure for organizing and delivering CTE programs. As an organizing tool for curriculum design and instruction, Career Clusters provides a guide for students to discover their interests and passions and empowers them to choose the educational pathway to success in high school, college, and their chosen career. 
  5. YouTube video of a PowerPoint presentation from Peter Lauf, Career and Technical Outreach Coordinator for Lane Educational Service District. "Trades Academy Youth Training Overview"

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