Oregon's Quality Rating and Improvement System

What is Oregon's QRIS?

Oregon Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) is a program that raises the quality and consistency of child care and early learning programs across the state. The Quality Rating System recognizes, rewards and builds on what early learning and development programs are already doing well. It helps ensure children in QRIS programs are ready for kindergarten by connecting programs and providers with free tools, financial incentives and professional advice that they can put into practice with confidence.

The QRIS Process

The foundation of the QRIS process is continuously improving the quality of your program for the families and children you serve. QRIS participants understand that even if they were to achieve the highest rating, their goals of increasing quality don't end there.


Oregon’s QRIS focuses on Quality. Our profession has for a long time tried to communicate how important the early years are in a child’s life. Research shows that quality experiences for children lead to better success in life. As more and more focus comes to ECE, quality becomes vital.


Our world is used to ratings: restaurants, hotels, websites, movies. QRIS gives an expert backing (third party) to the rating of quality child care and education environments.


This is the heart of QRIS. Why is improvement important? Imagine if a doctor just got his medical degree and then never took another class, never stayed up on current research. If doctors didn’t do quality improvement, they would miss out on vital information like new vaccines, treatments and cures for formerly incurable diseases. Continuous quality improvement. Our field is changing quickly with research helping us determine how to best meet the needs of our children.


QRIS is a system with many parts. It is not a program that will come and go. It is not just about rating or improvement. System gives credibility and support to programs. QRIS can be compared to the Oregon Registry; it is a backbone of our state ECE system.

QRIS History

Oregon’s has a unique and rich early learning landscape. The development of Oregon’s QRIS was guided by national standards and customized to recognize quality practices in Oregon’s formalized early learning and development programs.

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QRIS Data Facts

Oregon's QRIS Data Facts is a monthly infographic report that highlights the progress of Oregon's QRIS during its field test period. The Data Facts showcase how many children are in QRIS programs, how many programs are participating, how many programs are star-rated, and feedback from around the state.

Oregon's QRIS Newsletter

Oregon's QRIS newsletter is a resource with beneficial information for all programs, families and early learning professionals. This quarterly newsletter offers articles covering topics such as program highlights around the state, tips to understanding the QRIS, and upcoming events. Sign up below to receive this newsletter!

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