Oregon's Quality Rating and Improvement System

Oregon's QRIS FAQ for Families

Oregon’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Oregon has a new system that helps families identify high quality learning environments for their children. 

Oregon’s Quality Rating and Improvement system (QRIS) is a star rating system that programs can choose to participate in. They get a star rating from the QRIS by meeting standards that are good for children.

A star rating shouldn't be the only thing you use to judge if a program is right for you but by getting a program that is rated 3 star or above you know that they have worked hard to meet standards.

What are star ratings?

Our world is used to ratings; restaurants, hotels, websites, movies, etc. Similarly, Oregon’s QRIS awards ratings to participating early care and education programs that meet a defined set of standards.

What is the process that programs go through to get star rated?

What does C2Q stand for?

Commitment to Quality, it means that programs are engaged in and committed to quality improvement for their business and the children in their care.

How do I find out if a program is star rated?

Call 211 and they can help you locate programs that are star rated.

Who rates the programs that apply for a QRIS rating?

Early Learning Specialists from The Research Institute review each portfolio.

What does “continuous quality improvement” mean?

The foundation of the QRIS process is continuously improving the quality of your program for the families and children you serve. QRIS participants understand that even if they were to achieve the highest rating, their goals of increasing quality don't end there.

Why are some programs not participating in QRIS?

Oregon’s QRIS is a volunteer system. Some programs choose not to participate, others do not currently qualify.

Why can’t I find a QRIS Rated Program?

It may be that there isn’t a QRIS rated program near you. Please contact your local CCR&R or search for a program online here.

Who made the QRIS rating system?

The Research Institute at Western Oregon University worked in collaboration with Child Care Resource and Referral, Oregon Center for Career Development, Oregon State University, Portland State University, the Office of Child Care, and the community to create Oregon’s QRIS.

How long has QRIS been around?

Since March 2014 the QRIS has been available to licensed child care programs in Oregon.

Why don’t more people know about Oregon’s QRIS?

Oregon’s QRIS is currently in a field test. We are gathering data and refining the process to best represent the highest degrees of quality Oregon’s child care professionals offer.

What if I can’t find a 5-star?

Don't worry. Oregon's QRIS helps you identify programs of known high quality. That doesn't mean that if you locate a program that is not yet star rated or potentially not participating in Oregon's QRIS that they are not high quality. 

I just have an infant. Does this matter?

Yes! Infants have unique care needs.  A high quality program will insure that your infant has a capable and responsive caregiver, a safe environment as well as a parent and caregiver who work in partnership with each other.

Are there questions I should ask the programs that are participating in QRIS?

Programs participating in QRIS will be happy to tell you about their involvement! You might ask how long they have been involved in the process and what level they have achieved.

Do C2Q or star rated programs accept employment related day care (ERDC) assistance?

It is a program's decision if they choose to accept DHS payment. Contact 211 for help finding QRIS programs that accept DHS subsidy.

Are QRIS programs more expensive than programs who do not participate in QRIS?

Programs get to decide what they are going to charge whether they are participating in QRIS or not. Contact your local child care resource and referral agency for more information on QRIS programs in your area.

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