Oregon's Quality Rating and Improvement System

Oregon's QRIS 2016-2017 Revision Process

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Oregon's QRIS now has a new name and look!

We are still using and accepting QRIS materials and portfolios.

If you have any questions please contact us at qrishelp@wou.edu or call 1-877-768-8290

Since 2013, Oregon’s QRIS has been in a field test and based upon what we have learned, we are excited to be embarking on a full revision process!
Below you will find our mission and vision statements which are the foundational principles that will guide our transformation.


Oregon’s Quality Rating and Improvement System supports and incentivizes continuous quality improvements for care and education programs and their workforce. The QRIS partners with families and communities to highlight the importance of early learning experiences and to connect families and quality learning programs. Investments and resources are prioritized to increase access to quality care for children, families, and communities furthest from opportunity.


All of Oregon’s children will have access to quality care and education that promotes each child’s development, school readiness, and continued success in academics and life.

Guiding Principles

Below is a document showcasing how the QRIS field-test will be transitioning into a new and improved system. This document is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

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