PSO Update Related to COVID-19

First, we want to thank school districts for the incredible, and hard, work you are doing for your students, families, staff, schools, and communities. These are challenging times and the students in Oregon are fortunate to have a strong team of educational staff working for them.

We do however need to inform you that the PSO application is not available at this time and the list of students to call for Follow Up Interviews that has been posted in April will not be available until May 1st due to some unforeseen circumstances. We are still projecting that the system will be up and available for interview results to be entered between June and the end of September 2020.

Also, while school is not in session, we are not expecting school districts to enter the Exit information in to the PSO system but this might be a great way to connect with students to gather this information.

If you have questions regarding this message, please contact either James Foutch, Operations and Policy Analyst, at 503-947-5776, or at or Sally Simich, Education Specialist, at 503-947-5639, or

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