Keynote Speaker

Photo of Nina G

Nina G

Nina G is a disability activist, storyteller, children's book author and educator.  She brings her humor to help people confront and understand social justice issues such as disability, diversity, and equity. 

She is the author of a children’s book titled, Once Upon An Accommodation: A Book About Learning Disabilities, that helps children and adults advocate for their rights as a person with a disability.  Nina's one person show, Going Beyond Inspirational, which is a comical exploration about growing up with Learning and Speech Disabilities debuted in 2015 and was featured on CBS San Francisco Local.

Session Presenters

Doris Bowman

Photo of Dianna Hansen

Dianna Hansen

Dianna is the co-founder and executive director of the Central Oregon Disability Support Network as well as a program coordinator for FACT Oregon.  In addition to being active on several local and state boards, she is a 2010 graduate of Partners in Policy Making, Past Chair of the State Interagency Coordinating Council, and a certified Person Centered Plan Facilitator.  

Dianna’s passion in the field was fostered when she and her husband’s third child was born with a developmental disability.  Dianna strives to support, advocate for, educate and equip Individuals, families, and professionals in the field of disability.

Victoria Hansen

Heather Lindsey

Photo of Keith Ozols

Keith Ozols

Keith Ozols is currently the Interim Director of Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation.  Over the past eight years he has served as the Workforce and Youth Manager for Vocational Rehabilitation, overseeing expanding programs relating to workforce engagement, benefits planning, the Oregon Ticket to Work program, and multiple transition programs for students with disabilities. In this work, Keith has been driven by the belief that leading an independent and engaged life is a basic human right and that empowering people in work and life is a unique opportunity for DHS.  Before joining the State of Oregon’s VR program, Keith was the Executive Director of Incight, a Portland-based nonprofit that provides educational and employment services for people with disabilities.  His prior experience counseling English language learners in the workforce, college, and career readiness has informed his person-first approach to service delivery throughout his career.

Photo of Candace Pelt

Candace Pelt

Dr. Candace Pelt, Ed.D., is currently the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services at the Oregon
Department of Education. Her previous experience includes positions as the Director for Special
Programs and Elementary Education. She obtained her doctorate at George Fox University. Dr. Pelt will
continue her work in a leadership role to reduce opportunity gaps for historically underserved students
including students with disabilities and students whose first language is not English.

Photo of Noelle & Olivia Sisk

Noelle & Olivia Sisk

Noelle Sisk
Noelle is a parent of four children whose oldest daughter experiences a developmental disability.  This has built her skill and deep commitment to being student and family centered. Her deep understanding of the value of each child sustains her commitment in this equity work.
Noelle brings many years of collaborative expertise in systems change, advocacy, and passion for this work.  This started with working for FACT Oregon.  She is currently the Special Education Family and Community Coordinator for Portland Public Schools.  She also serves on the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Olivia Sisk
Olivia is an 8th grader at Harriet Tubman Middle School in Portland Oregon. She is the oldest of 4 children and loves to be a big sister. Olivia loves soccer, dancing to Kids Bop, making slime, walking her dog North and camping all over Oregon. 
Olivia is so excited to be in high school next year and looks forward to playing on the Unified soccer and basketball team. She wants to work at Starbucks, Target, or a pre-school when she is older. 

Eric Wells

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