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Legislative Updates in Regards to Transition Services

Senate Bill (SB) 20 (2017) was passed in July 2017 and updated several Oregon statutes to align with federal law changes. In this bill, a student who has received a modified diploma was no longer eligible for education services. The bill was to take effect on July 1, 2017. But on September 28, 2017, the State Board of Education voted to adopt a temporary rule modifying OAR 581-022-2010 (Modified Diplomas) for students who receive their modified diplomas to return for education and transition services, effective July 1, 2018, pending any further legislative or board action.

UPDATE: 2018 legislative session final ruling on Senate Bill (SB) 1522 passed, and returns language in ORS 339.115 to status prior to passage of SB 20 (2017)allowing districts to admit students who have already received a modified diploma to be eligible to return for education and transition services.

The bill also makes modified diploma recipients in Youth Corrections Education Programs eligible for transition services and allows modified diploma recipients to be eligible for the Expanded Options Program. See Senate Bill 20 (2017) and Senate Bill 1522 (2018) for more information.


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