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Resources related to transitioning youth with disabilities to adulthood in Oregon

Transition Resource Handbook 2016-17

Oregon's Transition Resource Handbook 2016-17

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What's New for 2016-17

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Download Case Samples:

Allison (SLD) case file.pdf

Drew (Deaf-Blind) case file.pdf

Jason (TBI) case file.pdf

Susie (Deafblind Multi Disabled ) case file.pdf

Section 1

0_Path to Transition Planning.pdf

3_Growing Expectations.pdf

4_What’s New in 2015-2016.pdf

5_IDEA Secondary Transition Services = Transition Planning.pdf

Section 2: Educator

9_State Performance Plan.pdf

     10A_District Performance on the Four Transition Indicators.docx 


13_Predictors of Post-School Success.pdf

15_New IEP TransitionPage.pdf

16_Student Participantion in the IEP.pdf

     17A_IEP discussion starters-Education or Training (Allison).pdf 

     17B_IEP discussion starters-Employment (Alex).pdf 

     17C_IEP discussion starters-More Intensive Supports (Rolanda).pdf 

18_Age Appropriate Assessments & PINS.pdf

     18A_Age appropriate transition assessment_2015.pdf 

20_Transition Assessment and Goal Generator (TAGG).pdf

21_Oregon Extended Assessment Decision-Making.pdf

23_Person Centered Planning Example.pdf

     23A_Examples of Person Centered Plan_Allison.pdf 

     23B_Examples of Person Centered Plan_Alex.pdf 

     23C_Examples of Person Centered Plan_Rolanda.pdf 

24_Apprpriate & Measureable Post-Secondary Goals.pdf

26_Transition Services.pdf

28_Course of Study.pdf

30_Case Examples.pdf

     30A_Case Study_Allison.pdf 

     30B_Case Study_Alex.pdf 

     30C_Case Study_Rolanda.pdf 

     30D_Transition Planning Examples_Allison.pdf 

     30E_Transition Planning Examples_Alex.pdf 

     30F_Transition Planning Examples_Rolanda.pdf 

34_Invite Representatives of Participating Agencies.pdf

36_Transition Technical Assistance Network (TTAN).pdf

40_Annual Goals.pdf

42_Are Students Leaving School with a SOP-.pdf

     42A_ How do I Complete the Summary of Performance.pdf 

     42B_Functional Limitation Language (Ed & VR).pdf 

     42C_ Examples of SOP_Allison.pdf 

     42D_ Examples of SOP_Alex.pdf 

     42E_ Examples of SOP_Rolanda.pdf 

43_Post School Outcomes & Other Transition Indicators.pdf

     43A_Strategies for PSO Success.pdf 

     43B_District Data Summary Table.docx 

     43C_Contacting Hard-to-Find Youth - Strategies for the Post School Survey.pdf 

     43D_Predictor Implementation Self-Assessment .docx 

46_FAQs 2015.pdf 

Section 3: Community Partner

59_Collaboration Requires Communication.pdf

60_Vocational Rehabilitation.pdf

62_Pre-Employment Transition Services (PETS).pdf

63_Crosswalk between ACCESS and PETS Skills (Example).pdf

65_Oregon Youth Transition Program (YTP).pdf

66_Employment First.pdf

67_ODDS Employment Specialists.pdf

68_ODE Letter on Transmittal APD --- PT --- 15 --- 011.pdf

69_Disability Rights Oregon.pdf

70_Plan for Work_Q&A.pdf

75_Planning My Way to Work.pdf

76_National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness.pdf

78_Foster Care.pdf

80_TBI Team.pdf

Section 4: Student & Family

83_Essential Life Skills for all Teens.pdf

84_Top Tips for Successful Transition.pdf

85_Career Interest Inventory Samples.pdf

86_Tips for Success—Guide to transition.pdf

88_Family and Community Together (FACT).pdf

89_Individual Planning Terms.pdf

90_Developmental Disabilities Defined.pdf



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