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Reports and Results

Your Students, Your Outcomes: Using Your PSO Reports

Download: Using your PSO Report_OAVSNP2015.pptx 

Download: Using your PSO Report_OAVSNP2014.ppt

Post School Outcomes Annual Statewide Summary Reports

Download: 2016_Post_School_Outcomes--Statewide_Summary_Report 

Download: 2015_Post_School_Outcomes--Statewide_Summary_Report

Download: 2014_Post_School_Outcomes--Statewide_Summary_Report

Download: 2013_Executive_summary_PSO_Follow_Up_Interviews

Download: 2012_Executive_summary_PSO_Follow_Up_Interviews

Download: 2011_Executive_summary_PSO_Follow_Up_Interviews

Download: 2010_Executive_summary_PSO_Follow_Up_Interviews

Data Explanation

Download: Data Explanation - Career and College Ready Indicators

Post School Outcomes_2015_District Size Summaries

Download: 2015 PSO_District Size Summaries_Oregon.pdf

Download: 2015 PSO_District Size Summaries_Large Districts.pdf

Download: 2015 PSO_District Size Summaries_Medium Districts.pdf

Download: 2015 PSO_District Size Summaries_Small Districts.pdf

Download: 2015 PSO_District Size Summaries_Very Small Districts.pdf

2016: Transforming the Future with PSO Data

Download: Transforming the Future with PSO Data_PowerPoint

Download: Improving Post-School Outcomes-EBP & Predictors

Transforming the Future with PSO Data_Handout Packet 

Download: L1.  Lane v. Brown Settlement Letter

Download: L2.  Transforming the Future with PSO Data Workshop—Evaluation 

Download: L3.  Transforming the Future with PSO Data—Agenda 

Download: L4.  Executive Order No.15-01

Download: R1.  Secondary Transition Evidence-Based Practices

Download: R2.  Predictor Implementation School District Self-Assessment

Download: R3.  NTACT—Paid Work Correlated With Improved Education…

Download: R4.  CEC’s DCDT Fast Facts: Paid Employment and Work Experience

Download: R5. NTACT—Using Graphic Organizers

Download: R6. NSTTAC—Using Simultaneous Prompting to Teach Opening a Locker

Download: R7. Planning Form to Connect Evidence

Download: R8. Aligning Evidence-Based Practices and Predictors for Post-School Success

Download: R9. Worksheet for data page

Download: R10. District Performance on the Four Transition Indicators

Download: R11. Contacting Hard-to-Find Youth: Strategies for the Post-School Survey

Download: R12. Post School Status of Special Education Students—Follow-up Telephone Survey

Download: R13.  2016 Pre-interview Summary Information—Exit Interview 

Download: R14.  Post-Secondary Follow Up Interview

Download: R15.  Quick Reference Guide to Post School Outcome 2.0

Download: R16.  Post School Outcome Collection 2016

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