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Forms and Procedures

0. Basic Instructions for the PSO application 2.0

Download: Basic Instructions for the PSO application 2.0

1.1 Agreement to Participate: IDEA Student Under 18

Download: Agree-Parent_English_2018 

Download: Agree-Parent-Spanish_2018

1.2 Agreement to Participate: IDEA Student Over 18

Download: Agree-over-18_English_2018

Download: Agree-over-18-Spanish_2018

2. Exit Interview & Instructions

Download: 2018 Exit Interview Final    

Download: 2018 Exit Interview Spanish

Download: Instructions - Exit Interview

3. PSO Postcard

Download: PSO Postcard_2 up.docx

Download: PSO Postcard_2 up_Spanish.docx

Download: PSO Postcard_4 up.docx

Download: PSO Postcard_4 up_Spanish.docx

4. Follow Up Interview & Instructions

Download: 2018 Follow Up Interview

Download: 2018 Follow Up Interview Spanish

Download: Follow-Up Telephone Script & Local Resources

Download: Contacting Hard-to-Find Youth: Strategies for PSO Interview

5. PSO Other Information

Download: PSO 2018_At A Glance 

Download:  PSO Follow Up Measurements

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