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The Traffic Safety Education program provides the required training to be an ODOT-TSD approved Driver Education instructor in Oregon. Individuals wishing to teach Driver Education in Oregon will gain a wealth of practical knowledge, as well as gain hands-on experience, both in the classroom and in the vehicle. Upon completion of the Traffic Safety Education course, participants will receive a certificate that can be presented to potential employers to verify certification.

These classes are part of a non-credit program funded by Oregon Department of Transportation, Transportation Safety Division.

Oregon hosted the 2016 National ADTSEA Conference

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American Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association
(ADTSEA) Conference was held in Portland, Oregon July 17-20, 2016 at the Red Lion Hotel on the River - Jantzen Beach. This national conference is held annually and the last time it was in Oregon was 2002. The 60th ADTSEA Conference started on Saturday, July 16 with a Michelin Tire Workshop. The purpose of the pre-conference workshop was Tire Safety, supporting the overall focus of Risk Management in teaching teens and others to be safe and courteous drivers.

Oregon was proud to host the largest ADTSEA conference ever with over 300 participants from 35 states attending, including 175 Oregonians.

Sharon Rothacker, Umpqua CC William

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has contracted with WOU since 2000 to coordinate the training of the Lead Trainers of Trainer Specialists (TOTS) that teach individuals to be Driver Education (DE) instructors. The Research Institute at Western Oregon University works as a collaborative partner with ODOT to provide courses in Driver Education to certify and re-certify the instructors to ensure they are current with state and national requirements. Oregon is recognized as being on the forefront of driver education because of its excellent curriculum and the outstanding individuals that work as TOTS, several of whom work with other states to assist them with their Driver Education programs.

From top to bottom: Sharon Rothacker, Umpqua CC; William "Bill" Warner, ODOT Driver Education Program Manager; Judy Ode, Umpqua CC

Several conference attendees asked for contact information for keynote speaker, Father Michael Oleksa. Here it is.

A hand painted tan mug with a road going up the handle, the map of Oregon on the body, with ADTSEA 2016 written along the top.

A very special thank you to Leah (Driver Ed teacher from LBCC) for doing such a great job on the mugs for the ADTSEA conference. They were a hit! The roadways, the signs, and the colors were wonderful. If you are interested in ordering mugs or other items from Leah, contact her at

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