S.I.T.E. Project Gets National Attention

S.I.T.E. Project Gets National Attention

Posted on June 19, 2014

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TRI received great news from Mary Beth Tilson, Biology teacher at Delta High School in Pasco, WA. She has been selected to present at the Sustaining the Blue Planet Global Water Education Conference, taking place June 24 – 27 in Big Sky Montana. Why is this important to TRI? Because the student program that will be the centerpiece of her presentation was funded through a sub-grant received from TRI as part of a larger U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant. The SITE projects had to meet standards for both effective environmental education and service learning.

In her proposal for the presentation titled, Promoting student engagement in water education with community members, Tilson wrote, “Some of the activities included meeting and learning from local biologists, cleaning a creek, collecting water quality data from the creek and analyzing how individuals and businesses can affect the quality of the water near their businesses.

This session will focus on the following aspects of the educational experience: 1) forming and sustaining community partnerships; 2) ongoing project based learning; 3) real-world problem solving through application of environmental standards and practice and 4) implementing field work with high school sophomores.”

Click Here to see the final report from the Hip Deep Creek Project. It is so exciting to see young people so engaged in learning.

Project S.I.T.E has just one more grant it can award to a project that would need to be completed by the end of December, 2014. For more information, check out the S.I.T.E. Project website, or contact Bonnie Morihar at moriharb@wou.edu.


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