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Feb 17, 2015

The children at the CDC have had a busy month playing, learning, having fun with friends, and being creative. 

Butterfly classroom

children painting faces and playing with shaving cream

The children in the Butterfly classroom classroom played with shaving cream and with the dinosaurs they are learning about. They also used their artistic sides and painted each others faces!

Dragonfly classroom:

children wearing the hats they made

The Dragonfly classroom is getting in the spirit of Valentine's Day! They decorated bags to collect their valentine cards and made hats. They also had a parent lunch where they ate fruit kabobs and heart-shaped sandwiches!

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The Butterfly classroom welcomes children from age 30 months to 5 years. Our hands-on activities include art, music and movement, writing, weekly cooking, discovery, blocks, library, dramatic play and much more.

Our schedule allows for outdoor time, both large and small group activities as well as independent learning.  This gives your child the opportunity to learn how to work together, take turns, and share.  All these activities together help your child prepare for kindergarten. 

We value our family partnerships both in and out to the classroom.  If you have the opportunity to join us throughout the day please do so, you’re always welcome.

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