2018 QRIS National Meeting July 16-18, 2018

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2018 QRIS National Meeting July 16-18, 2018

Jul 16, 2018 to Jul 18, 2018

At the 2018 QRIS National Meeting the following presentations will occur:

802. Consultation with Oregon Leaders on the Phases of QRIS Implementation (Advance sign-up required.)
Tuesday, July 17th 8:00-10:00am
Speakers: Dana Bleakney-Huebsch and Robyn Lopez Melton

Leaders from Oregon’s QRIS will provide consultation on the development, implementation, and revisioning of a QRIS. Come join two colleagues who have thrived, and at times survived, all phases of a QRIS. Learn from our success and challenges as we completed systems building work to create a QRIS that is streamlined, sustainable, and prioritizes children and families furthest from opportunity.

393. Moving to Equitable Distribution of Limited State Resources in QRIS
Tuesday, July 17th 3:15-4:15 pm
Speakers: Dana Bleakney-Heubsch, Western Oregon University; Erin Gernetzke, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families; Ola Friday and Amy Whitehead-Pleaux, Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care; Nicole Lopez, Wisconsin Registry

Join this session with QRIS and Workforce administrators from Wisconsin, Oregon, and Massachusetts to discuss successes, challenges, and strategies used to prioritize limited resources to populations furthest from opportunity in their states.

313. Intention to Impact: Unpacking the Effects of QRIS
Tuesday, July 17th 3:15-4:15 pm
Speakers: Marica Cox Mitchell, National Association for the Education of Young Children; Robyn Lopez Melton, Western Oregon University; Krista Murphy, Orange County Department of Education; Diana Schaak, University of Colorado Denver

Is your QRIS doing what it was designed to do? Is your system addressing or perpetuating structural inequities? Has your system created barriers for programs using culturally and developmentally appropriate practices? Are we measuring what we treasure, or measuring what is quantifiable? Have political limitations impacted your ability to serve diverse populations? We invite QRIS systems leaders to join us for an introspective conversation and tackle difficult questions together.

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