An Open Letter from the Education Evaluation Center to all Parent Organizations in Oregon

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An Open Letter from the Education Evaluation Center to all Parent Organizations in Oregon

Dear Parent Organization President;

Have any of your school’s parents asked for information or assistance in getting their child tested for a learning disability, dyslexia or ADHD? We often hear from parents who finally find their way to the Education Evaluation Center (EEC) that they wish they had known earlier that we existed, or that they stumbled upon us by accident. The EEC, located at The Research Institute at Western Oregon University, has been funded by the Oregon Department of Education for 50 years for the purpose of providing parents and professionals with a resource center for disability questions and thorough disability evaluations. Please help us spread the word to your school’s parents that if they are seeking an evaluation outside of the local school district’s offerings, the Education Evaluation Center is here to help! Please share the following information with your school’s parents.

Dear Parents

Are you are looking for a comprehensive disability assessment for your child. The Education Evaluation Center located at Western Oregon University, provides professional learning disability, ADHD, autism, Tourette’s, etc. evaluations for $900 for school aged students. At the end of the evaluation we sit down with parents and/or students and provide you with preliminary results including scores for all tests given, our diagnosis, a thorough explanation of any disability found, student strengths and weaknesses, and lots of suggestions for how parents can support their child throughout their education. We write very thorough reports describing all tests, test scores, strengths and weaknesses, and a list of resources and suggestions to help the student, as well as accommodations that they are legally entitled to in a school setting in order to succeed. We are partially funded by the Oregon Department of Education, and our reports and diagnoses are accepted by all school districts and colleges in the state. The level of services that the school is willing to provide are left up to each district's own guidelines, but we can help guide parents to get the most appropriate help. Our website is Our number is 1-800-541-4711. We have two disability experts that answer the phone and provide advice and/or send out referral packets. If you decide to use our services, fill out the referral forms and return them to us, and we will then contact you to schedule an assessment.

We would greatly appreciate you sharing our contact information with your school’s parents, possibly through the school’s parent group newsletter. We know your newsletter space is limited, but if you could provide an abbreviated version of our description and our contact information telling parents that you have a full description if they need more information, we would greatly appreciate it. I am also available to give a brief presentation on the effects of any type of disability on a student’s school success, and ways for parents to support their child throughout the years. If you are interested in a presentation please contact me Mon-Wed by phone or email.

We greatly appreciate your help!

Julie Bulen

Learning Disabilities Specialist

Education Evaluation Center

The Research Institute

Western Oregon University


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