TRI's Child Development Center Creates an Environment to Thrive

TRI's Child Development Center Creates an Environment to Thrive

October 4, 2016

By Carey Gilbert

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Welcome to the TRI Child Development Center! Here at the Child Development Center (CDC) on the campus of Western Oregon University, children ages 2.5 up to 10 years of age participate in our Preschool and Afterschool Enrichment programs. Both of our programs are designed to serve the students and employees of Western Oregon University and the surrounding community. 

Always improving through our collaboration with TRI's Center on Early Learning

We have made improvements to our classroom environments following the Center on Early Learning's feedback generated from the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale and the Classroom Assessment Scoring System. These observations and the subsequent teacher training topics, lead to intentional planning and implementation of learning centers, an increase in meaningful materials and activities, and raised awareness of how crucial those consistent positive interactions are when working with children.  

We have a learning culture...we are all learning, at every level, every day

The successful operation of the Child Development Center requires focus on cohesive consistent teaching teams that are receiving mentoring guidance and training opportunities on a regular basis. We have a learning culture...we are all learning, at every level, every day.  

Reflective Practice

One avenue that our teaching teams learn from is Reflective Practice, which is taking the time to think about one's own daily classroom experience to gain insight. Our qualified teaching teams are participating in a weekly reflective practice sessions, in which decisions about change or status quo are based. 

A focus on whole child development and STEM

We have three preschool classrooms that offer a full day of service from 7:30am until 5:30pm. Our teaching staff follow Creative Curriculum’s age appropriate play based lesson planning. Each classroom follows consistent daily routines and throughout the day the children are introduced to all of the key components of whole child development.

The key components being social and emotional growth, cognitive development, fine and gross motor practice, language and literacy experience and an abundance of fun exposure to the arts. Our experienced teaching staff also weave in Science Technology Engineering and Math curriculum throughout the program year. 

Our Afterschool Enrichment Program offers a safe, productive place for children ages 5 through 10 years of age to attend after their school day ends, in which many of key components mentioned above are supported by our teachers through community building, homework support, and play based expansion of our curriculum and arts.

Creating a welcoming place for parents

TRI-CDC's intention is to open the doors to our parents, create a welcoming place to spend time with their children and to invite them to share their expertise about their children. A parent's expertise, along with teacher observations, creates a platform for individualization. This individualization of goals for children melds with the decisions made through reflective practice to guide the meaningful experiences our teaching teams create.

Preschool Promise expanding opportunities

This year we have an exciting opportunity for WOU students, employees and our surrounding community called Preschool Promise. This is a state-funded tuition subsidy program and our TRI- Child Development Center was awarded 15 openings! 

To schedule a tour or to get more information about our 2016-2017 Preschool Program, Afterschool Enrichment Program or Preschool Promise please contact Carey Gilbert at (503) 838-8238. And please visit our website at

Carey Gilbert and Ingrid Amerson are Co-Directors of the TRI Child Development Center.

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