TRI Staff Members Present at DEC's 32nd Annual International Conference on Young Children with Special Needs and Their Families

TRI Staff Members Present at DEC's 32nd Annual International Conference on Young Children with Special Needs and Their Families

October 25, 2016

A race horse with jockey, with a banner under reading Louisville, Kentucky. Save the Date - October 18th - 20th, DEC 2016, A Winning Trifecta, Knowledge, Implementation, and Evaluation of DEC Recommended Practices

This year's DEC conference theme, A Winning Trifecta: Knowledge, Implementation, and Evaluation of DEC Recommended Practices, featured leading experts from around the world in early intervention, early childhood special education, and related disciplines. The conference program is designed to develop the skills and knowledge of those who work with or on behalf of young children with special needs and their families. The conference took place on October 18-20 in Louisville, Kentucky.

TRI staff presented at seven sessions

Weaving the DEC Recommended Practices into Professional Preparation through Reflective Supervision

Serra Acar, Ph.D.

This roundtable discussion/interactive session helped faculty and administrators identify the components of their programs’ field experiences that align with and demonstrate the DEC Recommended Practices. Reflective supervision can ensure the Recommended Practices are instilled in the work of pre-service professionals.

Presenters: TRI's Serra Acar, Ph.D. will co-present with Radford University's Carol Bland, Ph.D.

Improving Communication Assessment and Intervention through Collaboration in a Virtual Community

Amy Parker, Ed.D. is used by parents and professionals to assess communicative behavior in children with complex communication needs without speech. The website includes a virtual community of practice for professionals and nonprofessionals. During the session, we demonstrated how to use the web site collaboratively to improve assessment and intervention in severe communication disorders.

Presenters: Amy Parker, Ed.D. (TRI) will join Charity Rowland, Ph.D., Alexandria Cook, B.A., (Oregon Health & Science University)

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Professional Development Frameworks that Support Inclusion in QRIS: A Three-State Perspective

Gary Glasenapp

Presenters from Idaho, Oregon, and South Carolina joined together to demonstrate the innovative professional development and quality improvement frameworks they have developed to prepare teachers and administrators in programs participating in Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) to include children with disabilities in their programs.

Presenters: TRI's Gary Glasenapp will present with Heather Googe - University of South Carolina, and Melissa Crist - University of Idaho

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Activities and Strategies: Strengthen  Executive Function in Young Children

Patricia Blasco, Ph.D.

This interactive poster session provided practitioners and families with activities and strategies that support components to Executive Function. This session also provided information on how components can be identified, and strategies for teaching young children in their natural environments. Participants learned how to integrate key components into everyday routines.

Presenters: Patricia Blasco & Serra Acar

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Family-Centered Practice in Single-Case Research Design

The purpose of this poster session was to a) present the results of a systematic review of single-case research design studies that collaborate with caregivers during the intervention process and b) discuss the implications. Results provided suggestions on collaborating with caregivers. Effect sizes and efficacy of interventions were discussed.

Presenters: Patricia Blasco & Serra Acar

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Executive Function in Infant and Toddlers born Low Birth Weight and Preterm

Research was shared on a study examining indicators of Executive Function (EF) in children who were born low birth weight (LBW). Research has shown children born LBW and preterm are at risk for later learning difficulties. This study examines indicators of EF in infants and toddlers. 

Presenters: Patricia Blasco, Sybille Guy, & Serra Acar

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Making Your Way Through Graduate Study: Advice for International Doctoral Students

In this session, participants will engage in interactive discussions about topics related to being an international doctoral student. Strengths and needs of international students will be discussed. Presenters will highlight key experiences that have proven to be beneficial to their careers.

Presenters: Zhen Chai, PhD, California State University; Serra Acar, PhD, The Research Institute, Western Oregon University; Ching-i Chen, PhD, Kent State University; Huichao Xie, PhD, University of Oregon

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In addition to co-presenting these sessions, TRI's Dr. Patricia Blasco also served as the DEC Conference Chair.

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