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ODE Mentoring Program

The goal of the Oregon Mentoring Program is to provide high quality, individualized professional growth for every beginning teacher and administrator with less than two years of experience. Evaluation of the ODE Mentoring Program is to determine its effectiveness in improving teaching practices to improve student learning.

Informational Briefs/ Fast Facts

In an effort to provide information to educators and stakeholders across the state focused on the Oregon Mentoring Program and instructional mentoring, the Oregon Department of Education together with The Research Institute at WOU have created two Informational Briefs. These are just the first two in a series that will be focused on a variety of mentoring topics.

Ethnicity, April 2017

Retention, March 2017

Informational Brief #1, November 2016:  The first brief focuses on a description of induction and how instructional mentoring is a key component for supporting beginning educators in Oregon. There is information on the positive impact that mentoring and induction has on retention, veteran teachers and beginning educators. Oregon’s mentoring standards and statuary requirements are also included in this brief.

Informational Brief #2, December 2016:  The second brief provides a detailed description of what mentors do (and don’t do) to support beginning educators throughout their first two years in the profession. Information on key components of a successful mentoring program are also included.

These one pager Informational Briefs are designed to provide general information. They can be shared with site administrators and other stakeholders that are learning about the positive impact of mentoring.


Oregon Mentoring Program Standards

Mentoring Program Standards describe the structures and functions, processes, and effective practices necessary for a quality program. Effective mentoring is foundational to a quality program. An essential element of a mentoring program is a professional mentor who understands and utilizes the skills, strategies and tools necessary for the continuous development of teachers and administrators.

Click here to read the Standards.                    Click here to visit the ODE Mentoring page.

Oregon Mentoring Program Evaluation

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Teacher and Administrator Surveys -- These surveys are developed at The Research Institute, in collaboration with ODE, and disseminated annually to each Mentoring Project around the state, allowing each project to record their progress.

2017 Surveys

Click here to see archived survey questions from previous years.

Click here to read what Beginning Teachers have said about the program.

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Annual Evaluation Reports -- The data from the surveys are analyzed and compiled into an annual report to provide a comprehensive look at the ODE Mentoring Program on a statewide level.

Oregon Educator Equity Report - To assist ODE in meeting its commitment to recruit and retain teachers of color (Senate Bill 755 and HB 3375) the Mentoring evaluation team has been assisting the Oregon Educator Workforce Data Team with information to include in the 2015 and 2016 Oregon Educator Equity Reports. Both of these reports are available here and include evaluation information about the Oregon Mentoring Program.

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ODE Mentoring Program Briefs and Fast Facts -- These short reports provide information on specific topics related to the statewide Mentoring Program and its impact on educators and professional practice.

The Mentoring Briefs and Fast Facts are based on data collected, summarized, and analyzed from various data sources, including Oregon Department of Education data collections; annual survey data sent to six different groups of educators; as well as interviews and mentoring project involvement. Data has consistently been collected since 2008 and is regularly used in a variety of reports to legislators, school districts, and public policy groups. Inquiries and requests about the data should be sent to Dr. Christina Reagle, and Tanya Frisendahl,


CEPE Brief Vol. 3, #2: Student Achievement - 3rd - 6th Grade Students (June, 2016)
CEPE Brief Vol. 3, #1: Student Achievement - Math and Reading (November, 2015)
CEPE Brief Vol. 2, #2: ODE Mentoring 2014 Equity (Summer, 2014)
CEPE Brief Vol. 2, #1: Oregon Mentoring Impact Survey (Fall 2013)
CEPE Brief Vol. 1, #3: Oregon Mentoring - Beginning Administrator Results (June 2013)
CEPE Brief Vol. 1, #2: Oregon Mentoring - Beginning Teacher Results (June 2013)
CEPE Brief Vol. 1, #1: Oregon Mentoring Program (April 2013)

Fast Facts:

Mentoring Fast Facts are based on data collected, summarized, and analyzed from various data sources including Oregon Department of Education data collections and annual surveys sent to the six groups involved with the school district mentoring programs. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Success Stories

An inspiring OPB interview with Oregon's 2015 Teacher of the Year, Michael Lindblad. He is a Social Studies teacher at Gresham High School, with nearly 20 years of experience. At 5:10 minutes into the interview, the interviewer asks a question that leads Mr. Lindblad into a discussion of the importance of teacher mentoring, and stays on that topic until almost the end. Give a listen to the entire interview. Inspiring!

TRI Blog - Giving Every Student in Oregon the Best of Ourselves: The Oregon Mentoring Project

TRI/CEPE has the responsibility of evaluating the statewide mentoring program to identify best practices and encourage implementation. Learn about the program and hear from some of the teachers, administrators, mentors, and TRI/CEPE staff who are working hard to improve the success rate for all Oregon students by improving the effectiveness of Oregon Educators.

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