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What Are Groups?

Groups offer members of the network a set of common tools to use in collaborative work.  File sharing, wikis and forums can be used by members of a group to accomplish tasks, disseminate and organize information, build engagement and improve practice.

There are 2 kinds of groups within the NCDB website: public and private.  

Public Groups  

  1. Any member of the site can join a public group instantly with no approval.
  2. Group forums, wikis, members, and materials can be viewed through site search or browsing by anyone - even visitors who are not site members.
  3. Public groups will be visible to all site visitors on the Connections page.

Private Groups

  1. Members may only join with group administrator approval. A user who is interested in joining a private group will need to contact the group owner directly.  The process may require a few days before approval is completed thru email.  
  2. Group forums, wikis, members, and materials WILL NOT show up in site search or through browsing to anyone except group members.
  3. Private groups WILL NOT be visible to site visitors on the Connections page.

On your profile page, your private groups will have a little padlock icon next to the group name.

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