Developing Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leaders in Oregon

DEMILO: About the Project

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The Research Institute (TRI) at Western Oregon University (WOU) has been awarded a $1 million grant by the Oregon Department of Education. Project DEMILO (Developing Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leaders in Oregon) is a collaboration between WOU, the Willamette Education Service District, and the Oregon Coast STEM Hub designed to recruit, support, and prepare 60 K-8 teachers, over a 3-year period, to earn the TSPC Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader Specialization in order to 
  1. boost math achievement among K-8 students from low performing districts, and
  2. develop a cadre of teacher leaders with strong preparation and background in mathematics content and pedagogy, in-depth knowledge of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, and strong leadership skills for mentoring both students and colleagues.
Graduates of this program will be well-poised to take on a variety of leadership roles in their classroom, school, district and at the state level to promote and support the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Highlights of the program:

  • Grant participants will receive scholarships to pay for 18 of the 24 graduate credits required to complete the TSPC-approved Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leaders program at WOU. The remaining credits will be paid by the participant (or through their district’s tuition reimbursement or voucher program).
  • Three cohorts allow for flexible start dates:
    • Cohort 1 begins Spring 2015
    • Cohort 2 begins Summer 2015
    • Cohort 3 begins Fall 2015
  • To accommodate teacher schedules and inclusion of participants from remote parts of the state, all classes will be offered online.
  • Participants will be provided regular online meetings and professional development opportunities with their cohort peers, WOU Math Faculty, STEM professionals, and project coordinators designed to enrich their experience and expand leadership and real-world content knowledge.
  • Participants will attend an in-person, one-day workshop each summer. The workshop can be attended in a location either on the Oregon coast or in the Willamette valley.
  • Participants in cohorts who complete their EMIL coursework before the end of the grant period will be offered stipends to develop and offer professional development and mentoring to colleagues.

Sample Schedule for Cohort 1 (Spring 2015 start)

Spring 2015
MTH 61x class (see WOU course plan – all classes online)
3-5 online cohort meetings (see sample topics)

Summer 2015
MTH 61x class
1-2 Online cohort meetings
One-day, in-person summer workshop
Tentative dates: June 18th (Oregon coast) or June 19th (Willamette valley)

Academic Year 2015-16
One MTH 61x course per term
3-5 online cohort meetings per term

Summer 2016
ED 637
1-2 Online Cohort Meetings
One-day, in-person summer workshop

Academic Year 2016-17
ED 673 & ED 609 (to be taken concurrently)
3-5 online cohort meetings
Leadership plan submitted
Receive EMIL Specialization from TSPC
Stipend for developing and offering a professional
development opportunity (optional)

Summer 2017
One-day, in-person summer workshop

WOU EMIL course plan (24 credits – 3 each)

MTH 611 Counting & Whole Number Operations
MTH 612 Fractions and Proportions
MTH 613 Geometry and Measurement
MTH 614 Statistics and Probability
ED 637 Advanced Content Pedagogy: Mathematics
ED 673 Elementary Mathematics Leadership Practicum I
ED 609 Elementary Mathematics Leadership Practicum II

Choose one:
MTH 615 Patterns and Algebraic Thinking
MTH 616 Algebra and Functions

Sample topics for cohort online meetings and summer workshops

  • Adult Learning Styles
  • STEM professional connections (STEM professionals discuss how they use math in their career)
  • Developing/accessing resources for EMILs
  • Oregon mathematics leadership opportunities
  • Developing webinars
  • How do I best use my EMIL skills in my district?
  • CCSSM resources and curriculum

April 15th, 2015

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