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TIMS provides a variety of technical services and supports including: web and mobile application development; data collection; analysis and reporting; database design; graphic design; and consultation.

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TRI Creates Mobile App for PSU Program Conference

Aug 12, 2016

By Jeff Denton

Drawing of a phone with text: Graduate school of Education - visually impaired learning program

Many people go to conferences every year for work or in support of causes they are passionate about. Conferences offer great opportunities to network and learn strategies to move a cause forward. But conferences can also be overwhelming, with overlapping session schedules and multiple locations, not to mention what to do around town on those off hours.

Many conference hosts have begun to offer their participants online options for navigating all these details. But if an organization would like to make this available, who’s going to build it and do they really have to “reinvent the wheel”, so to speak?

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