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Oregon Department of Education Post School Outcomes

The collaboration between TRI and the Oregon Department of Education on Post School Outcomes began in 2004 when The Research Institute received a Federal Grant to design and build the system to track educational and employment outcomes for special education students leaving Oregon’s high schools. 

The work and school experiences of students one year after they leave school provides educators with a measure of the quality of the preparation the district gave their students for work and continued learning after secondary school.  Districts call their special education students a year after they leave to see how they are doing.  Successful outcomes include attending 2 or 4 year college programs, working in a competitive setting, attending educational or training programs,and other types of work.  Districts use the follow up outcomes and consider student feedback suggestions in program improvement.

Statewide trainings and instructional materials are developed and provided to assist districts in incorporating Evidence Based Practices and Predictors of Post-Secondary Success into the services provided to transition aged youth.  TRI designed the data collection methodology, provides multiple report summaries of the collected information to districts in a secure online environment, along with other relevant data on graduation rates, dropout rates, and transition IEP performance for the district.

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Oregon’s Transition Resource Handbook 


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