Traffic Safety Education

Driver Education Instructor Re-Certification

Once we have received all pieces to your Driver Education Instructor Re-Certification application, please allow two weeks for your application to be processed and your re-certification to be completed and mailed out.

Responsibilities of Approved Instructors

  1. Apply for renewed certificate 1-2 months prior to expiration (every two years). Recertification Application
  2. Earn 15 hours of continuing education in the two years since certification or recertification.
    • (WOU is notified of continuing education hours from ODTSEA and PacNW. Other training providers should report your hours to or you can scan proof of your hours and email directly to WOU.)
  3. At renewal time, remind your employer(s) to verify that you have taught Driver's Education a minimum of 30 hours since you earned your certificate.
  4. Renew your First Aid/CPR certification prior to certificate expiration and email evidence to
  5. Keep track of your qualifications by looking up your record here.
  6. If you lose your certificate, you may request a new copy (there will be a fee).
  7. Update WOU when any of these changes occur:
    • Contact Information (address, phone, email)
    • Employer
    • Change in modality taught (e.g., adding BTW to existing Classroom certificate)
    • Resignation/retirement from active teaching
    • Ineligibility due to traffic or criminal conviction
    • If an instructor becomes ineligible to teach at any time, he/she is required to immediately return the instructor certificate card to WOU.


If an instructor is lacking documentation of 30 hours of classroom, behind-the-wheel or simulator instruction in the past two years, a WOU Lead Trainer will evaluate teaching competency. An instructor is required to contact WOU to request an evaluation and he/she must pay a $25 processing fee.

WOU will determine how, when and where the instructor's evaluation will take place. When possible, this evaluation will be within 60 miles of the individual's location.

In some cases, WOU may encourage the instructor to travel to a location more accessible to the lead trainer, or may need to schedule the evaluation around other training opportunities to make the best use of resources. Instructors are encouraged to maintain their qualifications to reduce additional cost associated with reevaluation.

For a candidate who teaches both classroom and behind-the-wheel (BTW), the lead trainer may determine which modality will be evaluated, or whether both will be evaluated. A classroom lesson must be from an approved curriculum. An in-car lesson must be on an approved drive route.

An instructor may be required to provide his or her own student(s) and/or vehicle.

In no case, shall a lead trainer evaluate an instructor hired by his/her own program.

Method of Evaluation

Either of the following methods may be used to evaluate instructor teaching competency:

  • Observe the instructor during a lesson. Preferably, the instructor will teach teens, but at the discretion of the lead trainer the instructor may "teach" adults for the purpose of this evaluation.
  • The lead trainer may approve the instructor through means other than teaching observation.

To request an evaluation, contact us at

Responsibilities of ODOT/TSD-approved Providers

  • Provide WOU with documentation for any continuing education trainings sponsored by your organization. Send the following information to
    • Agenda
    • Objectives
    • Time Schedule
    • List of Attendees and Hours Attended
  • Obtain a copy of all instuctors' certificates and monitor that they are current. No instructor is allowed to teach any portion of Driver Education training without a current certificate.
  • Provide verification to WOU that an employee has taught a minimum of 30 hours in the two years since certification or recertification. The Employer Verification Form can be mailed WOU's Traffic Safety Education program, scanned and emailed to, or faxed to 503-838-8150.
  • Providers no longer need to keep copies of WOU training or continuing education certificates.

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