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Spotlight on Forest Grove Tom McCall Upper Elementary

Serving over 450 students in grades 5/6 at Tom McCall Upper Elementary

The Tom McCall Community Learning Center will engage, nurture, and inspire youth to find and navigate their own personal compass.  Our goal is to create partnerships with students, families and community members that focus on equity, cultural diversity, and academic achievement.

The two main components to Tom McCall’s CLC are Enrichment Clubs and Academic Classes offered Monday-Thursday for 30 weeks.


Chicas at Timbers training

We offer a wide range of Club choices to address both introverted and extroverted personalities, race and equity focuses, technology and application learning, as well as creative arts and leadership focuses.

Clubs include academic areas, enrichment activities (arts and crafts, Origami, gaming and chess), STEM/STEAM (i.e., AKA Science, STEM Garden, Roots & Shoots), recreational sports  (Soccer Club, Basketball/Football Club, Mid City Breakers, Hip Hop Dance), arts and music(i.e. Drama Club, Orchestra, Band, Percussion Club, Harp Club),, equity programs (Adalente Chicas, Chicos), and service (Stamping Hands Leadership).


students at Tom McCall

In addition to clubs, the program offers classes in reading, math and study skills. Assessment measures are used to intentionally place each student in the appropriate class.  Students advance to higher level classes when ready.

34% of students registered in reading classes and 72% of students registered in math classes increased their assessment scores. A total of 53% of registered students in academic classes grew academically in either math or reading on the OAKS.

Family Engagement

Tom McCall CLC provides families of students with increased opportunities to understand how to support their students’ success in school and in preparation for college/career/transition services.

  • Students and family at Roots and Shoots Summit 2015

    540 participants attended our 4th-5th grade Transition event directly connecting these families to the CLC at Tom McCall Upper Elementary. Our CLC information booth was the most accessed with a line of 60 parents wanting to learn more about the 2015-16 school year.
  • Our Electric Connection Family Night hosted 47 individuals. Childcare was provided to 17 children under the age of 5.
  • Our CLC Showcase spot lighted 24 Clubs, supported 337 students, 45 parents, 12 Certified staff from Tom McCall (not serving in CLC), Forest Grove School District Superintendent and Tom McCall Administration.
  • The Adelante Chicas "Journey to College" event served 46 participants from Tom McCall and 123 additional participants from feeder schools.
  • The College and Career fair hosted 43 participants from Tom McCall Upper Middle School.

Advisors, Teachers, and Volunteers

Tom McCall Students, staff and volunteers

There are 30 staff members that participate in Tom McCall’s CLC weekly. These include club advisors, academic teachers, staff to facilitate clubs and teach academic classes, Support staff during meals and recreation, on-site program coordinators, and our CLC Director.

15 volunteers participate in our CLC. We work with Americorp, Pacific University and the elderly community in recruiting volunteers.

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