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"Sustainability" often means "money" to many people. Money is, of course, an important form of support, and grant writing and fundraising are essential activities for afterschool programs to understand and engage in. But support also includes commitments of in-kind, logistical, and even moral support from any and all stakeholders that have or could have a stake in the long-term success and sustainability of an afterschool program: students, families, staff, schools and districts, and businesses and organizations in the local community. 

Sustainability is thus ultimately about identifying, pursuing, and nurturing formal and informal partnerships, some of which may indeed result in commitments of financial support. Activities that support this partnership-building include strengthening ties between in-school and afterschool activities and staff (alignment) and communicating the value of the afterschool program to students, parents, school and district staff, and the community at large (marketing). 

Building Sustainability in 21st CCLC Programs

Review this presentation delivered at the Oregon 21st CCLC Fall Conference on October 18, 2013 by representatives from Oregon ASK. It provides an overview of sustainability issues and strategies based on Oregon ASK's work with Oregon 21st CCLC grantees as part of its Sustainability Planning Project. 

Elements of Sustainability

Includes PowerPoint slides from a presentation titled Elements of Sustainability from Pennsylvania 21st Century CLC Professional Development resources. Includes information on eight key elements for program sustainability.

Afterschool Alliances Sustainability Workbook

Sustainability Guide

Afterschool Alliances Sustainability Workbook highlights a number of strategies and tools that programs can use to help build sustainability within their community.

Afterschool Alliances Sustainability Workbook

Workbook that highlights a number of strategies and tools that programs can use to help build sustainability within their community.

Afterschool Quality and Cost

The Wallace Foundation provides an aggregated collection of resources for helping out-of-school time programs develop strategic financing plans, prepare budgets, and look for funding opportunities.

Financial Strategies to Support Citywide Systems of Out-of-School Time Programs

This guide for municipal leaders, from the National League of Cities Institute for Youth, Education, and Families, discusses strategies and funding sources for financing citywide after-school systems.

Sustainability Planning: Afterschool Funding Tools

Afterschool Alliance: Afterschool Funding Tools

Funding Sources

Multiple tools and sources for finding funding.

Sustaining 21st Century Community Learning Centers

A report prepared by The Finance Project titled Sustaining 21st Century Community Learning Centers: What works for programs and how policymakers can help.  Includes information about challenges to sustainability, keys to success, and successful sustainability strategies.

Sustainability in School-Linked After-School Programs

A report including a number of case studies of successful approaches, research to support programs, and resources to connect with to help build your own sustainable program.

Marketing: Afterschool

Afterschool Alliance: Marketing Afterschool

Marketing: Media Tools

Afterschool Alliance: Media Tools for Afterschool

Beyond the Bell

Beyond the bell: A toolkit for creating effective afterschool and expanded learning programs. All Oregon 21st CCLC programs have received a copy of this resource and a flashdrive of tools.

Topics include:

Chapter 1: Management
Chapter 2: Program Design
Chapter 3: Partnerships and Collaboration
Chapter 4: Program Delivery
Chapter 5: Evaluation
Chapter 6: Program Improvement

Sustainability in School-linked After-school Programs

Read the Mott Foundation's 2002 report for a review of sustainability strategies used by long-running afterschool programs within or linked to schools.

Strengthening Partnerships

The website for the You for Youth (Y4Y) Online Professional Learning and Technical Assistance for 21st CCLCs from the U.S. Department of Education. Includes information on what it takes to build and maintain successful partnerships that lead to program sustainability. Has sections titled Introduction to Strengthening Partnerships, Implementation Strategies, Coaching My Staff, and Tools.

Local Partnerships: Connecting Businesses

Afterschool Alliance: Connecting Business with Afterschool

Local Partnerships: Funding Sponsorship Tips

Afterschool Alliance: Funding Sponsorship Tips

Local Partnerships: In-Kind Donations & Partnerships

Afterschool Alliance: In-Kind Donations & Partnerships

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