21st Century Community Learning Centers

Improving the outcomes of students in Oregon's 21st CCLC programs

Gresham-Barlow School District

In Partnership with El Programa Hispano Catolico, Metropolitan Family Service, and Multnomah County SUN Service System, the 21st CCLC SUN Program serves students at 6 sites.

  • East Gresham Elementary School: 184 students
  • Hall Elementary School: 248 students
  • Highland Elementary School: 202 students
  • Clear Creek Middle School: 202 students
  • Dexter McCarty Middle School: 287
  • Gordon Russell Middle School: 387

Family Engagement

All 21CCLC Sun sites are trying to move along the continuum from Parent Involvement to Family Engagement. For example: at the GRMS Lego Robotics, the team hosted a table at Family Game Night. Adults Served Across All Sites = 406

students and teacher in reading class

Elementary Schools Reading Club

At each elementary school, a licensed teacher spans the school day and after school to help provide reading interventions to students identified through our RTI process. Between the teacher and other SUN staff, up to 30 students can be provided a double dose in reading at each school, each term.

Program Highlights

East Gresham Elementary: Tap dance and STEAM opportunities

tap shoes Oregon Zoo ZAP Team

From learning to tap dance to programs with the Oregon Zoo and OMSI!

First day trying on their tap shoes! Sounds of clicking and tapping echo through the building as the kids compete to see who has the fastest feet!

Hall Elementary School: Cool Science and Robotics

students working with teacherteacher writing on white board, students watching

Intermediate grade students learn how to make a robot move by learning basic programming skills.

Primary students learn a variety of science topics, ranging from “dominant hand” to “how to build the perfect paper airplane.”

row of students feet in gym

Clear Creek Middle School: Soccer Fit

Students are taking on challenges to better their fitness and skills in a variety of ways, like Soccer Fit.

SUN, 21CCLC and other community partners allow a variety of expended day activities, like fitness and recreation, Jazz Band and STEAM ON.

Dexter McCarty Middle School: Musicians in the Making and the Mentoring Program

teacher speaking with students students in gym

Musicians in the Making class is offered twice a week to all students interested in learning the basic chords of instruments, song writing and the area of performance.

The Dexter McCarty Girl’s Leadership Group comes to their next-door neighbor, East Gresham Elementary, for fun game, projects, play and friendship as they learn how to be successful mentors.

Gordon Russell Middle School Architecture and JV Inventeams

students posing, some holding small houses

Architecture class is offered multiple terms and now has an intro and advanced class option. Each student designs and then builds their own model, while learning basics of architecture

With JV InvenTeams, students explore the creative design of shoe soles and explore how inventors solve problems, sketching and designing to scale, sculpting and casting clay molds and making prototypes.

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