21st CCLC Conferences

Improving the outcomes of students in Oregon's 21st CCLC programs

Conference Agenda

Thursday, November 16th


Welcome by TRI team

Photo of bob McNeil Strengthening Your Coaching Skills Keynote Address by bob McNeil


Program Team Time A1

2-Hour Breakout Sessions

B1: Intercultural Relevancy & Responsiveness ~ bob McNeil
B2: Investing in Family Engagement with Y4Y ~ Scott Sheldon
B3: 21st CCLC Nuts & Bolts ~ ODE: Joni Gilles & Ron Speck
B4: Trauma-Informed Care: Practical Examples in a School Setting ~ Anna Vo
B5: Teaching Archery After School ~ Miranda Huerta


Lunch, Resource Fair, Debriefing, and Networking Time


Program Team Time A2

2-Hour Breakout Sessions

B6: Building Community ~ TRI: Gary Glasenapp & Cori Brownell
B7: Developing Effective Partnerships with Y4Y ~ Scott Sheldon
B8: Looking Ahead: The New RFP ~ ODE: Joni Gilles & Ron Speck
B9: Community-Supported STEAM Innovations ~ TRI: Candi Scott & Roxanna Marvin
B10: ALICE Training ~ WOU: Officer Trever Jackson


Break with Afternoon Refreshments


1-Hour Peer-to-Peer/Overview Sessions or WOU Campus Tour

C1: Creating & Sustaining Community Partnerships ~ Peer-to-Peer & Joni Gilles & Ron Speck
C2: E-Z Reports: Users' Group ~ Peer-to-Peer & Kathy Kollasch
C3: Essential School Alignment Practices ~ Peer-to-Peer & Gary Glasenapp
C4: OCCD Overview ~ OCCD: Sarah Myers
C5: OregonASK Overview ~ OregonASK: Susan Zundel
C6: Science of Sport Overview ~ Daren Heaton & Dave Chamberlain
C7: WOU Campus Tour ~ WOU Tour Guide & Cori Brownell


Program Debriefing Time & Evaluations

Friday, November 17th


Welcome by the TRI Team

Photo of Dr. Adolph Brown Real Talk for Real Action Keynote Address by Dr. Adolph Brown


Program Team Time A3

2-Hour Breakout Sessions

B11: Better Attitude Development: Leadership Workshop ~ Dr. Adolph Brown
B12: Sustainability Planning: When you fuel your plan, your plan fuels you ~ bob McNeil
B13: Structure & Clear Limits ~ TRI: Cori Brownell & Candi Scott
B14: ALICE Training ~ WOU: Trever Jackson
B15: Science of Sport Training: Part 1 ~ Daren Heaton & Dave Chamberlain


Lunch, Resource Fair, Debriefing, and Network Time


Program Team Time A4

2-Hour Breakout Sessions

B16: CQIP ~ AIR: Jaime Singer
B17: Shift GEARS: Prioritizing Priorities ~ bob McNeil
B18: Reframing Conflict ~ TRI: Candi Scott & Gary Glasenapp
B19: Science Inquiry in Elementary Afterschool Programs ~ Susan Zundel
B20: Strategies to Reverse Youth Technology Addiction ~ Richard Halpern
B21: Science of Sport Training: Part 2 ~ Daren Heaton & Dave Chamberlain


Conference Closing and Evaluations

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